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  1. persianchick99

    I dislike...

    i dislike onions & other things.
  2. persianchick99


    haha funny pics!
  3. persianchick99

    delam gerefteh

    we need others to help by giving us advice.
  4. persianchick99


    cartoons haha. there was nothing else to watch.
  5. i have never been attracted to iranian guys and i heard they're too possessive & stuff. i also hear you should be careful with iranian girls living in iran because they might force you to marry them even though i'm sure that not all of them are like that. would i marry an iranian guy? maybe or maybe not. we'll see what happens. i like learning about different cultures so guys from different cultures would be nice. for me it just depends on the person.
  6. persianchick99

    Don't call my daughter

    wow the guy must been a serious stalker.
  7. persianchick99

    Sex And Iranian Women

    that was very funny!
  8. persianchick99

    Lindsay Is A Lesbian ?

    im happy for her either way
  9. persianchick99

    Share your teen/childhood games

    i used to play heads up 7up when i was younger.
  10. persianchick99

    Comments on new iranian releases

    i love arash's new album and shadhyad's new songs are ok.
  11. persianchick99

    Hi to all new members!

    hey everyone! im mahya & im persian even though i can't speak & understand it very well. i hope to make some new friends on this forum and have fun as well.