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  1. persianchick99

    Hi There

    Welcome Amir!
  2. persianchick99

    I Feel Like...

    You should feel proud. It ain't easy sitting through that kind of nonsense!! I don't even watch that show, so kudos to you both. I feel like getting a coffee machine ( like a Keruig).
  3. persianchick99

    Whatcha Doin'???

    Just got off the laptop:) It's been too quiet in the forum.
  4. persianchick99

    I Can't Wait...

    I love that city! I want to go back there! I can't wait for the long weekend.
  5. persianchick99

    Whatcha Doin'???

    I'm just on the computer. I have school tomorrow.
  6. persianchick99

    I dislike...

    I dislike it when people try to convince me to do what makes them happy instead of letting me do what makes me happy.
  7. persianchick99

    I love...

    I love social media!
  8. persianchick99

    I love...

    I love Raspberry Dark Chocolate M&M's!
  9. persianchick99

    I Can't Wait...

    I can't wait to have dinner.
  10. persianchick99

    Answer and ask the next person

    Hmmm...I guess my shyness. What's your favorite kind of tea?
  11. persianchick99

    The halloween costume of Khamenei

    LOL! thanks for sharing!