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  1. N 1 M A

    AFC Asian Cup 2007

  2. N 1 M A

    AFC Asian Cup 2007

    haaahaaaa iraq WON the whole thing but just to tell you, the iraq tem trains abroad. So dont think its not like they dont have a field to play on or anything, but considering the investments the other countries make in soccer and what iraq is going through, they really really deserved what they got. congradulations to them.
  3. N 1 M A

    I just want you check this out!!

    its terrible. And i know its not just iran thats like this, but the fact that the kids and the people are iranian just makes me feel bad, i wish i could just go and help them.. These people leaving their children to do work while they stay at home is pretty bad, but addicts can go much lower than that. I myself personally know this, as someone extremely close to me has been and still is an addict and i watched the whole process during the past 7 years, and he's done some pretty :eek_wft: things... But taking it from another note, despite some of these kids lives, they still go to school, and selling flowers all day and night they become pretty zebel and sharp. compare the way they act, talk, and handle situations with some (not to insult or condemn) other kids their age
  4. N 1 M A

    Kamran and Hooman

    this is sorta weird, especially even after i went to one of kamran and hoomans night club gigs and saw them live, but Which one is kamran and which is hooman??? i keep getting different answers :blink:
  5. N 1 M A


    :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: tavalodet mobarak :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: :birthday: :birthday:
  6. N 1 M A

    NHL Finals

    its actualyl hockey, but they seem to only really play it in america and canada
  7. N 1 M A

    *Team Melli thread*

    you could tell they werent worried at all, i mean mexico even brought in the back0up goalie so he could practice!!! but you have to admit although iran's team did make a lot of mistakes, they did play well in some instances and got many opportunites Besides, its not like the A team could all make it, they are all busy playing for clubs and whatnot. At least hte U23 players and younger people get some knowledge and experience playing mexico, they need it
  8. N 1 M A

    Go Random

    im feeling so bleh right now... iran lost to mexico 4-0 oh well, its good experience for the javoons :boredom_wft:
  9. N 1 M A


    a lotta times i go to iran sometimes i think the roosari actually makes the many of the girls look better! (not that im saying they should be forced to wear it) its a nice contrast, and they make cool hairstyles all around it and stuff.. i dk but as for taking hejab seriously in itself as to sexual stuff and whatnot, if you ask me, that was probably the case a long time ago, and may be in some places today, but most countries which force the hejab on people dont care about sexual fantasies! Its more the idea of it, and having some more control. For example, before 1979, many people in iran still wore hejab even though they were not forced to. It was a symbol of their religon and they were proud of it, and people could care more or less who was wearing it. As you all may say, they were more (not such a great word, but) "true" to themselves and their religon. as free iran said, " it should not matter if everyone around you are walking around completely naked..because IF you are a true muslim, you should be equipped with that self-control that is so essential in islam" but the government phonies today... Could they care mroe or less about if men have sexual fantasies? Heck, i think some of them have more than the average man. When the economy was getting a bit bad in iran just a few weeks ago, dont you remember how they diverted attention by arresting hundreds of "un-islamic" dressed women? :punishing_wft:
  10. N 1 M A

    **Why Why Why?**

    :eek_wft: the probable answer? because they are looS to tell you the truth though i actually really havent seen an"ugly" iranian girl ever! (especially in iran)! Unless they really didnt care like 0% about their apperance or tried :punishing_wft: to be ugly... who knows
  11. N 1 M A

    Hottest Persian Girls

    Thats just a stereotype based on sone retards back home who have created a tend of nose jobs- dahatiha! i thought the nose stereotype was for the guys?? i remember watching a soccer channel with iran in it and some girl said "pesaraye irani engar mikhan damaghe khodeshoono bokhoran..." was this thread brought back in retaliation to "the most beautiful man"?? :harhar_wft[1]:
  12. N 1 M A


    psh i know a guy who could beat her any day
  13. N 1 M A

    question question question

    never heard of a magazine, but the iranian newspaper usually sold at any iranian store keeps you up to date, although a lot of them are in farsi... Or some websites, like iranian.com (seriously!) try to search for one on google too other than that, idk
  14. N 1 M A

    Eidetan Mobarak!

    1385 :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: 1386 :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: eide hame mobarak its going to be a great year!!!!
  15. N 1 M A

    I'm getting addicted to this FORUM!!!

    i love reading this forum and bia2 itself, but usually im waaay too lazy to post something or reply