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  1. Hi Aslan, This is Reza from Orange County, I am sorry for writing this here and maybe I shouldn't but after reading what you had written about your conversation with Nava I couldn't help to write back. First of all I think the worse move you can take is to go to Nava Media considering that in the past 2 months they lost two of their upcoming artist due to lack of money. The reason for him saying Avang doesn't have money or doesn't pay the new artist is because the two artist that I rather not mention their names are going to Avang instead of Nave Media and he's really upset about this. From what I know and I know this because I worked with some of Armin's Frined's (Avang Music) they are the only company that will actually invest on new talents, however I know they are very picky about who they pick since they believe in Quality. If you notice in the last 5 years all the best artist have been released on Avang, also, if you notice all the cheap albums are released on Pars Video and Chehreh Nama so that's probably why they're easier. About Siam, if he decides to do anything with you or even invest, at the end it'll go to Avang since Armin and Siam are in the same team. Kahoo's album was originally invested by Siam however Avang had a major part in it as well. All the videos (except 20) were produced by Avang. I am also good friends with Saman (singer) and I know for a fact Nava Media didn't pay him anything for his album that was released two years ago. So to make this short please don't just talk to one person, if you want I can call Armin or just put you in contact with them. I am sorry for writing all this but this Nave Media guy is a really shady and for him to come and say non-sense about other companies, it's just not right. Hope this helps you.
  2. Which Persian Record Label do you like most? 1) Caltex 2) Avang 3) Taraneh 4) Pars Video 5) Nava Media So far released in 2005 from each label so far: Caltex: Jan 2005 till Now.. Siavash Ghomayshi (New album) Laila Forouhar (A Kiss) 20 Packages from their previous releases Not sure about their new releases till Chirstmas Avang: Jan 2005 till Dec 2005 Dariush (Rah-e-Man) Shahram Shabpareh (Fire) Kamran Hooman (20) Mehrshad (Khali Band) Parviz R. Panah (Hidden Karma) Saman (Ghassam) Nima (Maryame Paaeezi) Coming October Ebi Coming November Sandy Coming November Jamshid Coming December Habib and Mohamad Coming December Taraneh: Mansour (Farari) Shahrum K (Khoshhalam) 10 Different 4 CD packages from their previous released albums Afshin (Maach) coming October Bijan Mortazavi coming November Shahyad coming December Pars Video Rushid (Zang Seda) Essy (Ghabool Ghabool) Farshid Amin (New Remix) Farideh (Bi Panah) Susan different DVD packages from older Persian movies Ali Daniel Nava Media Shahram Solati (Halite) Mahasti (Az Khoda Khasteh) Shohreh (Havas) Shadmehr Aghili Coming November
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    I am not sure about Chehreh nama and what they are doing but AVANG is not even in the same class and level as chehreh nama. From what I know everybody is going with AVANG since they are only dedicated to produce good albums and that's proven Just this year so far they have released Dariush, Kamran Hooman, Mehrshad and the new EBi. Taraneh and Pars video are more concentrating on introducing new artist and last year they weren't any good ones. I heard Camreon Cartio just recently signed with AVANG for releasing his new album in the Persian Market.