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  1. lancey

    Trafic rules

    Someone in your way on the motorway, flash them once or twice, they move in, you move up by one car in a snake of cars going for miles pointless habit but i guess they get a feeling of moving faster. The weirdest rule i think is roundabouts; if you are on the roundabout then you give way to traffic entering the roundabout, weird.
  2. lancey

    Nuclear Weapons and Iran

    Just to add.... The easiest way to rule over people is by fear. In a dictatorship this is easy, induce direct fear by killings and torture. What do you do in a democracy? Induce fear of an outside attack and hence become the parental protecterate. Evidence of this is all over and is most prominantly started during the cold war, there was no threat of attack to start with, but ironically the spread of fear worked so well that the "other side" became fearfull of an attack also! Liberty can be played with in the guise of protecting the people! In short, see through the lies! It's never been so easy to research the truth than in our age of the internet
  3. lancey

    Nuclear Weapons and Iran

    They don't have any and are not developing any! Simple as that. It's quite obvious why they want a nuclear fuel cycle, and for that matter nuclear power plants! As far back as the 70's the US recommended Iran needed 20 nuclear power plants and that's with a 50 million population! Iran had bought a million dollars worth of fuel for it's small nuclear research facility in Tehran (built by the US), the fuel never arrived. It has also paid millions for a share in a French fuel company with supposendly guaranteed fuel supply, guess what, no fuel. So it does not trust foreign fuel supply. Of course it doesn't mind the idea that other countries are worried that it will have the capability in the future, it's a deterrent after all. Whole situation has been blown out of all proportion in my opinion.
  4. lancey

    returning user

    Welcoming myself back after two years of not posting
  5. lancey

    Where do you live? When did you leave Iran?

    Born UK, lived in Iran '79 to '86 UK '86 to '04 Spain '04 to '07 UK '07 to present Been back to Iran in '07 for a holiday, loved it. I was tempted to stay and open a factory, still might do!
  6. lancey

    did iran discover africa

    ¿Que dices?
  7. lancey

    BMW or Mercedes?

    Bah! Old school all the way for me... If it's the Beemer then the M635 CSI If it the Merc then it HAS to be the Cosworth developed 190E EVO II !! Very rare and still expensive car!
  8. lancey

    if u had power in iran

    A s s is a Donkey look here
  9. lancey

    i need help with a persian symbol!!

    you are the epitome of a fob lol super fresh off the boat lol ama persian sold we still love u ... no me english me get passport to prov it :haha: Me thinks your passport will say British and not English.... if u ave one... hehe
  10. lancey

    Are you a mix-up?

    !! omg! thats what all my great grandparents were.... and my grandma.... !! where in iran is it? You mean Arak or Astrakhan? Arak is south west of Tehran while Astrakhan is in Russia on the North Caspian coast.
  11. lancey

    Should US attack Iran?

    Well said! As has been said here countless times.. bombing won't solve anything, it will just strengthen the regime and make it even harder to have democracy. And full scale invasion to get rid of them is almost impossible, and even more horrifying! The only way is to engage the regime in diolouge, restore diplomatic ties.. this way the Iranian people will have their voice and be empowered!
  12. OMG :eek_wft: Check here They have actually reffered to it as "Persian Gulf" on the recently added map on the BBC websit! I'm in shock!
  13. lancey

    if u had power in iran

    "fanny pack" always get a good laugh... as fanny is not a bum, it the other "bit" of a women. also Azz = a donkey... we call it an arse hehe
  14. Well, it's only married women, and they have to go to a special family section with their family. Single women banned still. And i read today that the mullahs are fuming about the lifting of the ban! The point of the ban is that women shouldn't see the bodies of strange men... bah.. they have been allowed to basketball matches for ages! :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft:
  15. lancey

    Are you a mix-up?

    really? :eek_wft: