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    karim xan zand

    Luris are Kurds not Persian

    karim xan zand

    but to me it is important that he was a KURD

    karim xan zand

    but to me it is important that he was a KURD
  4. a major disappointment regarding future of iran is that, we cannot see so much liberal minded people. Those inside are frozen minded religeous shi'tes and those outside iran are frozen minded persian nationalists. So do not expect a major change in iran's future mentality


    LORS and BAKHTIARIS belong to kurds... we kurds do not prefer to live in a country called PERSIA...
  6. if you are interested in news about iraqi KURDISTAN in persian, you can visit this link: http://www.peyamner.com/default.aspx?l=3

    How Iranians see PKK?

    What are your own thoughts on PKK? I'd love to hear it! dear Keano, i do not believe in violent struggles for any purpose, but if the other closes all the windows on you and do not retain any room for modern discussion, what should you do in this case? un the current situation that Erdogan suggests political reforms in favour of Kurdish rights you see PKK is ready to return back to Turkey and start civil ways of struggle...
  8. regarding whether the PKK is a terrorist organization or not, proff. Dr. Michael gunter said to me “In the case of the PKK, it is largely a propagandistic term used to brand opponents as illegitimate”, how you think and how you see PKK?
  9. ARBIL, Iraq — A new magazine in Iraq's Kurdistan region has caused furore among conservative Muslims with a rousing call for Jews to leave Israel -- and come back to Iraq. The magazine, "Israel-Kurd", is the brainchild of Dawood Baghestani, the 62-year-old former chief of the autonomous northern region's human rights commission. The glossy, full-colour monthly in Kurdish and English has a lofty mission: to help solve the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict by convincing more than 150,000 Kurdish Jews living in Israel to return to Iraqi Kurdistan, Baghestani told AFP. "The biggest reason behind the complexity of the Palestinian problem is the unjust practices of Arab regimes against the Jews -- there are more than 1.5 million Jews originally from Arab countries in Israel," Baghestani said. "If the Jews had not been subject to an exodus, the Palestinians wouldn't have been either," he said, referring to the flight of 700,000 Palestinians from the newly created Jewish state in 1948 during the first Arab-Israeli war. "If the situation in our new federal and democratic Iraq, and particularly in Kurdistan, becomes stable, then many Jews would want to return and reduce the number of Jewish settlements in Palestine." The latest edition of the 52-page magazine, which has a circulation of around 1,500 copies, features a woman draped in an Israeli flag on the cover. Inside are stories about Kurdish Jewish traditions and photographs from the first half of the twentieth century, as well as arguments on how a return of Jews would help to build a wealthy and strong Kurdistan. But many people in Iraq are not buying the argument. "I'm suspicious. I don't see the point of this kind of publication," said Zana Rustayi, a representative of the Islamist Jamaa Islamiya party in the regional assembly. "The Kurds are part of the Muslim nation, and Kurdistan is part of Iraq." Iraq has no relations with Israel, and the country was an implacable foe of the Jewish state under the regime of former dictator Saddam Hussein, who was overthrown by the US-led invasion in 2003. A Sunni member of parliament in Baghdad, Mithal Alusi, was suspended from parliament and threatened with charges last year after visiting Israel for a conference. The decision was later overturned by the constitutional court. Kurdistan does have a warmer history with the Jewish state, however. Many of the current crop of Kurdish leaders have visited Israel in past decades. Jews lived in Kurdistan for centuries, working as traders, farmers and artisans. But the creation of Israel and the rise of Arab nationalism in the mid-twentieth century dramatically altered the situation, spurring most of Kurdistan's Jews to leave. Baghestani -- who has been to Israel four times, including on a clandestine trip in 1967 -- denies that he works for the Israelis. "What I am asking for is enshrined in the constitution: every Iraqi has the right to return to one's homeland. Jews who were Iraqi citizens were subject to injustice," he said. "If every Arab country allowed the Jews to return, ensured their safety and gave them back their land, Palestinian refugees would be able to return to their territory because Israel would not need so much land." Mahmud Othman, a Kurdish Coalition MP in Baghdad, disputes this. He says that while relations with Israel may be a nice idea, such a move would not be pragmatic for a region ringed by other Muslim states. "Kurdistan needs the Arabs. We are living in an Arab country and we are federal region within Iraq. We don't need a relationship with (Israel), we need a relationship with Arabs, we need a relationship with Iran, we need to be close to Turkey," Othman said. "I haven't heard of any Jews in Israel trying to return to Kurdistan. I think they're better off there."
  10. By Sayeh Hassan Thursday, August 13, 2009 In solidarity with freedom loving Kurds in Kurdistan who have been actively fighting against the Islamic Regime for the past 30 years. Although they have paid a very heavy price for their fight, by facing torture, extremely lengthy prison terms and execution, Kurds in Kurdistan have fought relentlessly against the Islamic Regime. I announce my solidarity with the Kurdish people for the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan on August 19th 2009. August 19, 2009 is the 30th anniversary of Khomeini’s declaration of Jihad and also the launching of an enormous military attack on the people of Kurdistan in Iran. To protest the brutal policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), residences of Kurdistan have been invited to launch a day of public strike by several leftist parties and groups. In support of this initiative, we, the undersigned individuals, call on all lovers of freedom to support the people’s struggles in Kurdistan on this historic day. Thirty years ago, Khomeini declared war on Kurdistan so to destroy one of the most vital centres in Iran where revolutionary demands continued to challenge the newly established Islamic regime after they overthrew the Monarchist system. Following the claps of the Monarchist establishment, communist organizations and other progressive political groups and activists, showed no illusion to the newly Islamic State and Khomeini’s instructions; therefore, they established worker’s unions, and City and Town councillors to run their own affairs. A demand for fair working hours and reasonable Employment Laws, better quality education and social services dominated the discourse of political groups and the society as a whole. Land was distributed among poor peasants. Such a political environment grasped the attention of many progressive political organizations and activist from other parts of Iran, where they were under increasing persecution by the Islamic State’s agents. Kurdistan became a centre of attention and optimism for people in different parts of Iran. They hoped for success of progressive organizations in Kurdistan would lead in their success in Tehran and other big cities. Therefore, many political activists, from other parts of Iran, visited Kurdistan to attend political events, observe people’s role in their domestic affairs and refresh their thought without fear of being arrested. In the context of such a political environment, Khomeini declared war on people in Kurdistan to destroy the centre where demand for a better life was in progress. In a violent campaign to crack down all political opponents in Iran, Kurdistan was chosen as the first target by the IRI, in order to deprive all Iranian progressive groups from a safe heaven and a political role model. During the last 30 years, the IRI has killed, tortured, imprisoned, exiled and displaced many people. Despite all its brutalities, this regime has not been able to terrorise the society. During the last 30 years, people in Kurdistan have held frequent May Day and International Women Day, celebrations and numerous campaigns to defend women’s rights, children rights and worker’s rights as well as defending political prisoners and freedom of expression. Kurdistan has been quiet during the protest developments after the Iranian presidential election of 2009. People have been quiet because they know Mir Hussein Mosavi, as one of the Islamic regime’s founders, does not represent oppressed people’s aspiration. On August 19, it is time for people in Kurdistan to mobilize our independent ranks and express our protest against the IRI and all its’ political fractions. It is time to show a Red Flag as an alternative to the Green Islamic Flag of Mosavi and his counterparts in the IRI. It is time to let the public know that, there is another political alternative too. In a response to the call for a public strike, we encourage all people in Kurdistan to refrain from going to work, doing business and attending Offices, manufactories and markets should be closed on this day. We ask left and communist political parties, organizations and individuals to join us and blend your voices in ours to support people in Kurdistan on this momentous event source: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/13692

    This is it! Time for the real revolution!

    i think the result of any revolution is corruption, democratic change is the best way
  12. iam now reading in detail iranian history.... these days i reached the era of KARIM KHAN ZAND, many kurdish historians regard him as a kurd... how you think?

    KURDS support musawi

    i met any one in iraqi KURDISTAN, show his support to mr. MUSAWI because he used to be more democratic

    Michael Jackson died!

    i agree with you
  15. you know resriction is the main IRAN PEOPLE's problem with thier so-called islamic authorities...the regime puts RED LINES to the people... unfortunately we see so many red lines in this forum too... i propose to the administator to decrease threats on the members when they say something that is unsuitable with his personal or ideological views especially political ones...