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  1. The reason people have sex is to bring up a family and raise children. It has nothing to do with pleasure! Siamak. Shame on you for manipulating the reasons people have sex.
  2. makhoot


    i activate my facebook whenever i feel like it.... then deactivate hehe
  3. makhoot

    Miss/Mrs. Bia2 Contest

    thankuuuu..... hehehe yea being esfahani has its advantages and disadvantages. but saving moneys awesome
  4. makhoot

    Miss/Mrs. Bia2 Contest

    mersi mademoiselle jooon jooonn same for u!!! :air_kiss_wft:
  5. makhoot

    Miss/Mrs. Bia2 Contest

    mersi gorgeous triple555 mua
  6. makhoot

    Miss/Mrs. Bia2 Contest

    aww thx you all......lol....i must say its really difficult for me to post here because of the thinking nature of the forum. most of my sheytooni takes place in person. But i love you all and thanks for being so nice and sweett....=D mua mua :air_kiss_wft:
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    Weird/funny/silly/any type of habit

    after sneezing.......i always screammmm AFIAT BASHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol
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    Miss/Mrs. Bia2 Contest

    thank you keano for putting up this thread ....i really enjoyed thinking about these questions... These are my answers .... What famous person does your personality most parallel? Someone bubbly and cute. They’re often not very famous. But if they are, i want to be the first! :air_kiss_wft: What quality do you like most about yourself and why? i like my calmness and quietness. Being quiet helps me listen to what others say and find out about other people’s interests. Being calm helps me avoid conflicts and headaches. What is the biggest challenge to young people today? I think being someone everyone loves and adores. What is the one feature you'd change about yourself and why? I want to be more generous and less selfish....its difficult coming from an esfahani background but im working on it...really, generous people are also successful. Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party and why? Demi Moore. And Ashton Kutcher. I love them both!! Because Demi has a natural elegance in her personality and Ashton is super cute. Do you think professional athletes are overpaid?" Yes and no. When people are overpaid they have the opportunity to help others. What is your definition of success? Being happy. Finding solitude and joy amongst the people you love. Someone who laughs a lot is a happy person and to me is also successful. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? I’ll make ghormeh sabzi the international food icon and iran the center of attention. What bothers you most about what is happening in your country today? I think the government doesnt think for the people. People dont have the opportunity to go after what they want as much as they do overseas and they face too many constraints. If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you chose and why? Elle magazine. Its my cousin’s name.
  9. makhoot

    Foreign Objects... 18+

    lol...life without drama....its so much better i guess :air_kiss_wft:
  10. makhoot

    Wedding Dresses

    i like number 1!!! its cute ...
  11. makhoot

    How Attractive Are You!?

    cactus when ur attractive you get all of that. then u think its the money car and occupation part that attracts ppl but really its the individual. :air_kiss_wft:
  12. lol!!! i thought this topic was more of a one night stand type of sex, not relationship with teens. So i wonder, if u had a relationship and never broke any hearts how did u end it? its been a wonder for me. were you able to invite your teen girlfriend and show her to your parents? what type of relationship are we talking about here ?? just wondering
  13. aaaaaaaaaa... yavash boro ba ham berim !!!! aziz, sick uni hast keh beh bacheh pesara tajavoz mikoneh, sick uni hast keh shuar dareh,vali pasho jeloyeh har folan folan shodei va mikuneh,sick uni hast keh zanesh ro kotak mizaneh va dar akhar mikosheh.-... baz begam sick kieh ya basete vase emrouz !? ... Azizam, zamani keh dokhtar khodesh mikhad keh ye kasi radifesh koneh, then digeh kasi nemituneh shaki basheh !!!!!!!!! siamak agha. my intention is not to disrespect u in anyway and i think you can sense this. i see a lot of good qualities in your character as i read ur posts and its really good that you have the courage to talk about these things. But it really bugs me to see some people play with other people's lives for their own interest. ive had a few friends in high school whose lives became so messed up after going thru all types of abuses - relationship wise -and it makes me sad knowing that there is nothing to do for them but to sympathize. i wont be as harsh next time i read a topic like this, cuz i think people choose their own ways and its true if somebody wants to have sex with an older man its their choice and maybe the right thing to do....but just as long as they are aware of the consequences and later on dont feel that they have been abused. ive been known to be a vakil modafeh since i was a little kid so please dont mind me doing it here aswell cuz its fun lol
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    ~~Send Your Love~~

    i send my love to all of us positive people and some to the negative people hoping that one day they'll stop complaining and join our team!!
  15. haha and if he does it to free iran id also do this cuz she's also young and cute vahdat and unity!!! =))