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  1. Sleep with another girl. The only reason you can't cope is cause you dont think you'll find another girl as good as her, all will change when you sleep with another girl. Sorry.... but i DO NOT AGREE.. oh please .. thats the second thing you girls do after u breakup! i didnt say have a one night stand, i said sleep with another girl, could be someone you like but dont feel as close to as you did with your ex obviously... ill be quite honest with you, the more you break up, the less it hurts and the less it hurts the less you care and thats when women really get interested in you! its weird but true.
  2. thats not the bomb that screwed his hand. What would iran be without him? You'll either have an American puppet back in power which makes things even worse in the long term, i know how short sighted alot of iranians are, all they care about is visible freedom, sex and dokhtar bazi. or a more radical guy will replace him! so i wont wish for his death anytime soon if i was you. Middle east isnt like the west, we need to come to terms with that fact, just look at turkey, secular country where most the people turn to religion, same with egypt, but then there is iran, a religious country where most people turn against religion. Its hard enough to have a fine line between religion and politics, implementing that in the middle east, thats quite impossible.
  3. Sleep with another girl. The only reason you can't cope is cause you dont think you'll find another girl as good as her, all will change when you sleep with another girl.
  4. Iran would be very very stupid to help britain or america in iraq, they have plenty of sunnis and baluchis in iran waiting to strap bombs around themselves, thats the last thing we need tbh, suicide bombers in tehran and it will happen, i dont want iran to turn into pakistan where bombs go off every week or so etc. It may sound good for iran, but in the long term its all bad, when ever britain is nice, you MUST know they have something evil up their sleeves, with britain you never get something without having to pay a HUGE price in return.
  5. csite

    About Israel

    iran, they have no need to attack israel at all, it's israel who is scared of iran's nuclear program! Hezbollah whooped israel's Azz in their last war, iran is hezbollah's much bigger brother, i dont think israel wants to risk such an economic catastrophe to goto war with iran.
  6. pourya do you take viagra? You seem to be talking about girls or sex or something in a similar line 99% of the time lol. Its really not a good thing and extremely naturally uncommon for someone your age!
  7. csite


    Its proven height determines basically everything tbh, lol, your girl friend, your job etc. Its proven! they actually done research in this, if your short you are LESS trust worthy lol and less likely to be given a job than a taller guy with the same qualification.
  8. My experience: Russian ***** Italian **** Scottish *** Chinese * Never been out with iranian girls before, though i heard alot about them being very demanding lol.
  9. You MUST BE JOKING right? azarbaijan lol Most the areas near the boarder of iran and iraq is SHIA muslims! like basra etc. Afghanistan, iran has great links with them and has been helping then northern alliance against the taliban before even Bush heard of aghanistan! Pakistan didn't help with the invasion of IRAQ! why do you think they would help with iran who they have better links with? Again i can't help it but laugh at you even thinking about azarbaijan OR even turkmenstan As for those sick pics you put on, EVERY country has/had human rights problems and Iran is not perfect. Maybe you should post some pics of guantanamo bay or abu ghraib or fallujah, so maybe we can learn what western democracy would mean for the iranian people! :harhar_wft[1]:
  10. i am going to jump in on this thread since noone else will answer, diffrent girls like dirrent positions, from a guy's point of view, i can't have it any better than when the girl is on top. As long as you can work the little guy below properly for a considerable time the position doesn't really matter.
  11. Just for that reply we will get a whole gig of pictures of Iran's "advanced" military Yes, change the subject when ever you lack facts to argue about, as for going to iran, lol, that doesn't make you know more about anything more, i came back from iran 1.5 month ago, but i don't brag on about it all day lol, i bought myself plenty of fake goods too :harhar_wft[1]: Virtually all the figure you give don't add up, same with your argument. FOR EXAMPLE : Come on, have you even read into the gdp of other countries before you make such comment? does iran having 10x the population and 4x the economy than israel make it a failing economy? lol, i dont think so. Compare the chinese economy with the japanese or south korean economy and you will have your answer there. Now as for the advanced military pics, i am not going to post any more pics again since noone here can appreciate them, some people here are obviously more concerned with making iran look like Crap.
  12. Thats not true, israel had far more aid than egypt. And iran CAN afford MORE than israel, you need to learn GDP per capita is not a countries economy, nor is the GDP. Thats NOT how you calculate a countries economy lol. Iran's Unemployment rate : 11.2% (2004 est.) Population Below poverty : 40% (2002 est.) The figure is much lower now, somewhere near 25-30%. Source? http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbo...os/ir.html#Econ Please, don't make Israel look bigger or better than it really is, or make iran look small and worse than what it really is! Iran's Gross domestic product is nearly 4 x of Israel's. You don't have a clue what you talk about tbh. Iran's economy is much bigger than isreal's economy, israeli economy is stronger and more stable again all because of foreign investment and help from uk and america. Iran's economic growth rate is not even comparable with israeli's ones. Iran does suffer from a few economic set backs and lack of industries but in time it will be solved, its not even been 26 years after the revolution! give the new gov. some time. I rather had mossadegh, but what can you do when cia overthrows out democracy! Come on, stop reading junk on the net, everything on the net is not real.
  13. Who cares where they are made? atleast Israel can afford to buy them :p Are you talking about military or economy now? Israels economy is not all America, infact it isn't more america than Egypt's, Turkey's or KSA's. Infact Israel doesnt live on aid or Oil. Or are you talking about military? Are you forgetting that six countries attacked Israel the day after it was proclaimed in 1948? I'm not discussin why it is getting aid. Egypt & Jordan get's that aid too And well a small country succesfull like Israel would be Sweden and a young country succesfull would be UAE, so i don't see how it's impossible for Israel? lol, okay so let's say Israel didn't develop their wapons all on their own but Iran did. But then again, in less than 70 years Israel have managed to become a democratic welfare state with a GDP per capita of $20,800 while modern day Iran have existed for about 500 years but have only been a democracy for a total of 2 years, have GDP heavily based on oil, GDP per capita $7,700 but yet 60% live beneath the poverty line and atleast 80 % have economical problems. :;-): Ah you mean like that Pakistani guy Aq Khan helped the mullahs? :p They don't have to have a high population, they'll always be stronger anyway :p During the 3 year war that started in 1948, the very same year Israel had been created and while it only only had a population of 600.000, The Israelis still defeated 6 arab countries! And here is a maps for ya to see Israels victory: ^^ In 1948! And Three years later: And let it be said, at that time Israel didn't get ANY support from Anyone. Virtually everything you said in there is all wrong, SPECAILLY THIS: I mean come on, show some integrity when you debate, instead of using bogus figures and claimes. Sure israel got help, where the hell do you think they got their planes from? the migs they bought from former soviet countries? the only reasone america didn't help them at the time because at the time the jewish influence in america was minute(small), not to mention at the time they had president roosevelt, a great of not the greatest American president! For a change you should read facts, israel GETS MONEY FROM USA AS AID, NOT LOAN, lol, please, makes me laugh when you defend something thats non existance, the 2 billion they got for pulling out of gaza was AID not loan, so is virtually all the other money they get. America helps alot of other countries too, but nothing to the extent of their aid to israel. NOT EVEN COMPARABLE. You compare UAE economy to Israel, PLEASE, i mean come on, do you know much about economy? Israeli economy is so much stronger than the tiny UAE which is only rich because of oil like kuwait. And the reasone israel won the war against the arabs was because the arabs didn't cooperate, they were disorganised, they sucked naturally anyways, Also very importantly many people forget, they were outnumbered towards the end of the war due to super high jewish migrations. You say israel can afford those F15's and F16's, look, you obviously don't know much, ofcourse iran can afford more than israel can militarily wise, but noone is allowed to sell the arms from the west. Also most those military technology and equipment were given to them as military aid, the only other arab country that gets this is egypt, but thats simply because america wants at least some arab allies. Anyone who argues Israel's economy and technology exists is NOT because of america needs to read alot of books. EVEN jewish people admit without America there is NO WAY israel would have been what it is now, its IMPOSSIBLE, if you actually read into economics you would know its VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get such a strong economy in such a short period of time.
  14. hang on, i didn't notice you posted israeli navy, i am going to post iranian navy now
  15. haha, those planes are all made in the US of A lol, :harhar_wft[1]: You sya israel has the 4th largest airforce, well their backbone of the airforce is F15's one of the BEST planes in the world, all made by the USA and happily sold or given for free to Israel. As for israeli economy, its not all america, yes israel is a rather developed country but MOST of it is because of america, israel would have been extinct without the usa's help in the 1960's. Egypt gets 2 billion dollars aid from america because it became israel's ally, it was sanctioned by most muslim countries for a couple of years after. Egypt military sucks, they have very little industry, jewish people are smart like iranians, they don't just take handouts, they develope their own. BUT a country as small as israel and low population and SUCH SHORT history (the modern israel is under 60 years old!) ITS IMPOSSIBLE to have such economy, its all down to usa. Don't compare those pathetic corrupt arab states with israel, as i said jewish people are very smart and i respect them for that very much. Those missiles, tanks you say israel made, its not all israel, they had america assistance with it, some parts were made by american companies. Even israel's nukes, now there is a huge debate if america secretly helped them build it as they are debating israel simply didn't have the capability to build nukes in such a short time and most countries belive america had a huge part in their nuclear program. One thing israel will never have, is big land, high population, so they can be the best country in the world, but in a war they simply don't have the population to last over 6 month unless they manage to launch 20 nukes to destroy the country. However saying all that, israel's midical industry is the best in the world, no doubt about it, and my hat off to them. But the fact is israel = 0 without America, America has aided israel far more than any nation ever in history has done to an ally. 1.6888 trillion dollars in aid is not little, nor is it the same as jordan and egypt. There was a time when the respected presedent eisenhower treated israel the same as other middle eastern states, he even told them we will kick you out the un if you attack egypt's land again, back in those days, not israel is SPECIAL, its treated specially, its get the best and nothing but the best, their F16's are specially made and modified to be the best, no other country has those f16's from America BUT israel. The investment and aid america gives israel is crazy, FOR PULLING OUT OF GAZA (just a few hundred pulled out) israel DEMANDED $2 billion from America, is that crazy or what, be sure to expect min $50 billion if they were to pull out of the west bank. NEVER EVER EVER compare America's support to israel with america's support for any other nation, UK is probably america's MOST LOYAL ally, and even they don't get the same treatment and hospitality and friendship as israel does, its like unconditional LOVE lol. No matter how many of America's ships israel blows up, how many countries it invades, how many rules it breaks it shall always be loved and supported. Thats simply not right, and as i said many in the congress are already voicing out their opinions on it. So those pics hardly show anything! if Iran was supported as heavily be sure they would have done as well if not better. If you used Germany as an example it would have been far more convincing than israel!