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    music, lyrics, different cultures, and LANGUAGES!!!
  1. olive


    I haven't been around for a long-long time... I didn't have time... But now something moved my fingers to click on bia2, and what do I see? My dear friend Mahnan has birthday today!!! Have a very happy Birthday, boy, I hope you're doing fine and whatever you wish for may come true soon! Even via the "walls" of Internet, you can tell who's a good person, and you are for sure! I wish you all the best for your birthday - and for the remaining 364 days of the year! ;) :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  2. I have a question to those who live and study/learn in the UK, or to those who are familiar with proper British English. I'm working on my thesis right now, and I've encountered a little problem. When I refer to a subject (in particular a person) whose gender is not relevant, and I continue the sentence with a personal pronoun, shall I use "he or she", the somewhat weird-looking "s/he" or rather the plural form "they"? an example: When someone starts learning a language, s/he has to know... etc. OR When someone starts learning a language, they have to know... etc. As far as I know, this latter form is used in contemporary American English in favour of political correctness. But I don't know whether it's formal or informal. And what I really don't know is if it's used in academic British English. I prefer American English, but decided to write my thesis in BrE, since it is preferred at the university. Whatever the case, it's a shame I've never ever heard about this form in any of my university classes, nor have I heard any of my teachers use it. Maybe it's because they prefer BrE...? Or are they not up-to-date enough in this field...? So I just have this problem... Thanks for your kind help in advance... :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  3. olive

    **Amoo Laboo concpiracy**

    Definitely looks like Ashton Kutcher! ))
  4. olive


    hey, welcome! :dance_baby_wft:
  5. olive

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    UHH... you've changed the muscle avatar But well, let me say, this one's cool, too!!
  6. olive

    Words Association Game

    "... can be fun join the Holy orgy Kama Sutra Everyone!" HAIR :DD
  7. olive

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    lives in Canada...
  8. olive

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    her nickname is a male nickname in Hungarian (of the male name Attila), but her pics prove she's DEFINITELY FEMALE!! She's very cute! :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  9. olive

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    He called me miss nice eyes in his birthday thread... :blushing_wft: :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :air_kiss_wft:
  10. olive

    I Feel Like...

    eh... i was thinkin , you was attacked by That roman Vlad Tzepes Dracula ! i think the real friends never hurt theire friends !!! if he/she was your real friend, he/she will come back to you . No, it's ok, we're still friends, it just hurt a bit... awww sorry to hear olive. hope you will feel better soon :gentleman_in_wft[1]: ooh, thank you, dodo! that was sweet :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  11. olive

    I Feel Like...

    :c I'm really crying... I had such a bad day... And to make it even worse, I had a fight with my best friend... She criticized me... for WHO I AM, that's what can hurt the most... I didn't do anything wrong to anyone... OK, anyways... You're so sweet, you asked!
  12. olive

    I Feel Like...

  13. olive

    Answer and ask the next person

    version 1. He said, 'Ah, dear, you never know how to keep your mouth shut!' version 2. He said, 'Oh, thank God, then you will probably not be angry of me because I've had sex with your sister' version 3. He said, 'Hahha, bad news honey! It's not your child either, I've slept with the charwoman!' version 4. He said, 'Hm, I just wonder how you will cope with living alone under some bridge from now on... :weeell3ho: ' version5: [he didn't say anything...] Which one is the likeliest?
  14. olive

    ~*~*~*Happy Birthday Popcorn~*~*~

    Happpppppy Birthday!!! :DD :Happy_Birthday_wft: :DD :clap2: :dance_baby_wft: :happy_wft: Boldog Születésnapot!! (in Hungarian )
  15. olive

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    Hm, just wondering... Is she as romantic as her avatar? Sweeet girl, btw. :) :gentleman_in_wft[1]: