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  1. dew2000

    I Feel Like...

    I fell I like beuti girls Azz
  2. dew2000

    for irani girls

    Hi you why no common.????????????????????????? :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD
  3. I have one quetion to beuti iran girls If samebody from Oman want to get married by irani girl and live with him until die .you can live in Iran or come to oman.do you accept ? :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  4. dew2000

    I love...

    I love irani girls I love iran I love travelling I love love and love with out love live nathing.
  5. dew2000

    why iran school not tech english and arbic!!!

    I have So many difficult time in iran same time in restaurant in book shop Special with taxi if I want go to north he take me south
  6. dew2000

    why iran school not tech english and arbic!!!

    but why ,techer for ex he can't sepeak arbic as I now farsi language nearst language to arabic
  7. When I was in iran we found difficult to speak to iran pepole ,becuse they can understand english and arbic .
  8. dew2000

    I love...

    I love what I do't know so many things 1- I love the love 2-I love avery one be happy 3-I love good fice see avery maorning 4- I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. dew2000

    iran image

    these gift from me to yours same photo from iran when I was in iran last month
  10. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    first photo from oman salalah secand one from nourth iran (clardatch)
  11. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    :clap2: Now thats being Iranian 115761[/snapback] Im omani different im not hound irani girls . irani girls not cheken .irani girls flower.
  12. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    Agreed.....but please do keep in mind that accusing someone of blatant racism itself is a very serious accusation, so let's be careful in what terms we throw out. 115624[/snapback] Please tell me that you're kidding me!! Cuz now you're really getting on my nerves!!!!! You're just denying what you said right in my face and that I hate!!! I said it before: Just lets drop it now! The guy is here to enjoy our company and not read your Hostile comments about Arabs and his countrymen!!! No more posts about this please! 115629[/snapback] why hostile against arab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came to your forum holding to flower in me hand pleaze don't cut me hand
  13. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    Sorry why you have sworn take it easy my frind
  14. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    But Assyrian girls are way hotter! 115613[/snapback] sorry Im going for lunch I will meet your after lunch good bay to all still I love iran girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope allah will safe iran .
  15. dew2000

    I love iran girls

    thank alot I hope we will be frind if I make mistak please infourm me becuase same time I make spilling mistake Im like kids in your forum.