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  1. nikikhanoom

    Big Announcement by the King

    Wow... memories just sparked my interest to pop in after 10 years...and obviously Keano forgets to mention me 😂. I hope everyone is doing well ❤️
  2. nikikhanoom

    I Envy...

    I envy those who are having an amazing time enjoying their summer while I'm stuck indoors studying
  3. nikikhanoom

    Go Random

    Felt like the longest day... I totally BOMBED my chemistry exam...AHHH why do I have to study in the summer?/ WHYYY?!!!
  4. nikikhanoom

    The IRANIAN name game!

  5. nikikhanoom

    The IRANIAN name game!

  6. nikikhanoom

    Happy Birthday Siamak

    I'm so On TIMMEE Happy birthday Siamaaaaaaaaakkkk
  7. nikikhanoom

    Go Random

    LOL awwwww <3 you guyss you flatter me! wow its been soo long what have you guys been upto? sheytoonii ke naaa??? :p
  8. nikikhanoom

    Go Random

    Helloo the infamouss Pourya Khoshhtippp shoddii bezanam be takhteee haha! Ya you would say that out of everyone :t
  9. nikikhanoom

    Go Random

    Thought Id drop by, make a random post, then sayyyyy CIAO until next timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeee :D :D Kinda miss this place! :t :DD
  10. nikikhanoom

    Happy Birthday Keano

    Happy Birthday to the King!! I pray that one day your leg fetish will end and we can all live in harmony . Have a great one
  11. nikikhanoom

    Happy Birthday Jadoogar!!!

    tafaaaaaaallooodeet mooobarakkkkkk azizammm!! :friends:
  12. nikikhanoom

    Answer and ask the next person

    albalooooooooooooooo AND goje sabzz soorry to hard to choose between them! same q!
  13. nikikhanoom

    Women in Ir..

    eyyy babaaaaaaaaaaa pass axeee teamee MELLI FOOTBALLEMooon KkoOooOoo?!! :p :p
  14. nikikhanoom

    Happpy Birthday Sara Jaan!

    heyy hun!! havent had the pleasure of talking with you hun but happyyy birthdayy mobarakeeeeee!! movafagh bashi azizam!
  15. nikikhanoom

    ZeDe-Hal 1st. Mr. Bia2

    congraaaaatsss zede-hal!!! baba in che esmi bood entekhab kardiii!!! you're the exact opposite!! :friends: :friends: