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    Shahs of Sunset

    Shahs of Sunset Season 3 Trailer Revealed... All info: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20736223,00.html
  2. The halloween costume of Khamenei ... http://iroon.com/irtn/cartoon/840/
  3. Finally, a claim about the Iranian air force that might not be totally made up.+ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/21/iranian-fighter-jets-ufos_n_4136191.html
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    Happy Norooz!

  5. Siamak

    The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Season 4 New Trailer/Promo ''Don't Look Back'' Season 4 Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeqHB1yPi20
  6. Siamak

    Anoushiravan Rohani

    رنگارنگ ـ مجموعه آهنگهای عاشقانهٔ انوشیروان روحانی (تک‌ نوازی پیانو) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHIB5UDV-Ec
  7. Siamak

    Flamenco Club

    Hola ! ! ! Welcome to our Flamenco Music Club . Here we just put video about spanish/latino music and talking about it . I am sure all of you guys love spanish music . :clap2:
  8. Siamak

    Farsi word association thread

  9. Hichi ghashang tar az raghs-e iruni nemisheh m un ham vaghti keh dokhtar-e khoshgel-e iruni beraghseh ! moteasefaneh dar tul-e in 20 sal va chand, kheili kheili kam didam dokhtar iruni keh moghim-e kharej basheh va raghsesh khub basheh (magar inkeh balay-e 40 sal dashteh basheh !) Behtarin raghs ha ro hamisheh az khod-e dokhtaray-e iruni didam dar Iran : Alan chand sali hast keh pesaray-e iruni ham start zadan beh raghsidan pa beh pay-e dokhtara, in ham khubeh ageh gay bazi nabasheh va taraf ghashang balad basheh . Ino nigah : In yeki ro bahas khordesh : In ham bad nist : In ham raghs-e ghati pati dar Iran,dehati-e ye meghdar : Baba Karam dance Is For Ever : Yeki digeh : Iranian Boys and Baba Karam : In az hameh behtareh, ha ? : Shad Bashid .
  10. Siamak

    Iranian Dance Is The Best

  11. Siamak

    Flamenco Club

  12. Siamak

    The Walking Dead

    It's Raining Dead - Walking Dead and Raining Men parody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiyGT_xkw28
  13. Siamak

    The Apollo Theater

    As you know i am a jazz lover (playing since 96 ... amatour band since 2002!) ... this thread is about all jazz stuff and etc ... Read more about jazz please : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz
  14. Siamak

    Answer and ask the next person

    A) Washington D.C Q) How you see Persian Music (iranian pop) after 10 years?
  15. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinema_of_Iran#Pre-revolutionary_cinema.2C_1950s-70s In 1932, Abdolhossein Sepanta made the first Iranian sound film, entitled Lor Girl. Later, in 1935, he directed movies such as Ferdowsi (the life story of the most celebrated epic poet of Iran), Shirin and Farhaad (a classic Iranian love story), and Black Eyes (the story of Nader Shah's invasion of India). In 1937, he directed Laili and Majnoon, an Eastern love story similar to the English story of Romeo and Juliet. The present day Iranian film industry owes a lot of its progress to two industrious personalities, Esmail Koushan and Farrokh Ghaffari. By establishing the first National Iranian Film Society in 1949 at the Iran Bastan Museum and organizing the first Film Week during which English films were exhibited, Ghaffari laid the foundation for alternative and non-commercial films in Iran. Early Persian directors like Abdolhossein Sepanta and Esmail Koushan took advantage of the richness of Persian literature and ancient Persian mythology. In their work, they emphasized ethics and humanity. Pre-revolutionary cinema, 1950s-70s The 1960s was a significant decade for Iranian cinema, with 25 commercial films produced annually on average throughout the early ‘60s, increasing to 65 by the end of the decade. The majority of production focused on melodrama and thrillers. The movie that really boosted the economy of Iranian cinema and initiated a new genre was Ganj-e-Qarun (Croesus Treasure), made in 1965 by Siamak Yasami. Four years later Masud Kimiaie made Kaiser. With Kaiser (Qeysar), Kimiaie depicted the ethics and morals of the romanticized poor working class of the Ganj-e-Qarun genre through his main protagonist, the titular Qeysar. But Kimiaie's film generated another genre in Iranian popular cinema: the tragic action drama. With the screening of the films Kaiser and The Cow, directed by Masoud Kimiay and Darius Mehrjui respectively in 1969, alternative films established their status in the film industry. Attempts to organize a film festival that had begun in 1954 within the framework of the Golrizan Festival, called for the boring of fruits with the Sepas Festival in 1969 and the endeavors of Ali Mortazavi, which resulted in the formation of the Tehran World Festival in 1973. Pre-revolutionary Iranian cinema produced notable movies such as: The Bride of the Sea, by the late Arman (1965) Siavash at Persepolis, by the late Ferreydun Rahnama (1967) The Brick and The Mirror, by Ebrahim Golestan (1967) The House of God, by Jalal Moghaddam (1966) The Husband of Ahoo Khanom, by Davood Mollapour (1968)
  16. Siamak

    Pre Revolutionary Iranian Cinema

    فیلم سینمایی مهر گیاه، علی‌ نصیریان، پوری بنایی (۱۳۵۴) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb9A-UqQILw
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    Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal ~ Moonwalker Version [bluray] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceU4ANZKdOM
  18. Siamak

    Answer and ask the next person

    A) Danny Trejo.. Q) We love Wolfgang A. Mozart because.. ?
  19. Siamak

    The Walking Dead

    One of the best...
  20. Siamak

    I dislike...

    I dislike those persons who don't know who are their neighbors or don't help their neighbors, Specially the neighbors who are elderly.
  21. Siamak

    I love...

    I love romantic moments with my gf ..