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    Men Club

    My new Bacco Bucci for MotoCyc.
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    Your own Art work

    Very nice one, like always, Bravo.
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    I Miss...

    I miss Tokyo.
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    I dislike...

    Mamnoon, Khoshhalam keh ba shoma ashena misham .
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    About Googoosh

    Madonna, Barbara, Celine, Judy, Googoosh Whomever you call the best does not matter. Iran's single most successful super star is Googoosh. Today, she consistently outsells all other Iranian popstars by a factor of 10. She is the quintessential Diva and sets the standard by which all others follow. Her style, grace, fire and passion for her craft leave no doubt as to her greatness and countless millions from around the world follow her every move with an enthusiasm and following that is timeless and endless. Googoosh was born Faegheh Atashin in 1951 on Sarcheshmeh Street, in an old and worn down part of Tehran, to Azerbaijani immigrant parents from the former Soviet Union. When she was two, they separated. Because of her father's profession - he was an acrobat and an entertainer - she grew accustomed to the stage early on, and was part of his act until she was three. She began doing impersonations of some of the singers of the time. When her father discovered this talent, he put her on stage. She has been on stage as a paid professional since she was three. Googoosh had one brother who, at the age of 24, was struck by heart rheumatism and passed away. She has three half-brothers on her father's side and a brother and sister on her mother's side. Because Googooosh's mother was separated from her father when Googoosh was young, Googoosh never got a chance to live with her. Her mother later remarried and as a result, Googoosh didn't see her again until she was 13. For a while she was even told that her mother had passed away - so that she wouldn't ask for her on the road. Because Googoosh lived with her stepmother, she didn't have a very good home life. But she was occupied with school and performances, and was kept busy with household chores. She was also in charge of one of her brothers. The name "Googoosh" is an Armenian name but for a boy and was given to her at birth. But because it was a boy's name there was a problem registering the name on her birth certificate. As a result, her registered name is Faegheh. During the 1970's Googoosh began a meteoric rise to fame and success as she drove the edge of Iranian pop music further and further. Known for her flamboyant outfits, and fashion sense, Googoosh wowed her pop culture hungry fans in Iran and abroad with her trademark hairdos and hip-elegant style. Iranian women changed hairdos with Googoosh and she was always one step ahead of them with a new look. Googoosh's private life was not quite so successful and a series of bad marriages and abusive relationships followed. She has one son Kambiz who is also in the music industry in Los Angeles. After the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, Googoosh had been forbidden from performing and her material had been banned. She kept herself occupied at home, taking care of her house, reading. Because she had no intentions of leaving Iran, she adapted to her new life. Many people would tell her that other Iranian singers who began their careers much later in life than she did were choosing to leave because they could not endure not being able to perform. They would ask how it was that she, who had always been on stage, managed to adapt. For a time Googoosh battled depression until the early 1990s when she met Massoud Kimiai (now her husband). He saw her sadness, and later told her that it was as if the flower of her soul had withered. On their first date he took her to a private recording studio in Tehran and after years of silence she put on her headphones, and started to sing for the first time in years. This had an overwhelming effect on her and gradually an energy quickly spread within her. Now drawing from the love she received from people since the end of the Iran-Iraq war, tt was this support which brought her out of her depression. In 1999 rumors spread to Iran that a following had grown outside of Iran and the many ex-patriate Iranians who had left Iran during the revolution yearned for Googoosh to perform again. It was under this encouragement and the opportunity presented by an Iranian concert promoter that enabled Googoosh to leave Iran in 2000 and start a concert tour that spanned the globe. Today Googoosh is based in Toronto Canada where she continues to work on her music career as well as independent films. Googoosh still tours regularly and her concerts are sold out events throughout the Iranian and non-Iranian communities wherever she goes. We love you Googoosh-e aziz .
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    About Googoosh

    Very soon in Paris ...
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    I dislike...

    lol Hi Siamak jan, it's good to see u here khob zemeston ro doost daran dege ;) daran be esteghbal zemeston miram lol In about 10 hours from now, Esteghlal will get sooraakh soorakh by the mighty Perspolis! Sia welcome back dada, long time no see. Kattan na khabar amoo oghli? Kheili salam King.K besiar aziz , i was very busy, the very very busy one and now i am happy to be here and to see you and the other guys again.
  8. Siamak

    I dislike...

    lol Hi Siamak jan, it's good to see u here khob zemeston ro doost daran dege ;) daran be esteghbal zemeston miram lol Salam Ramona jan, delam barat tang shodeh bood, Is always good to see you.
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    I dislike...

    i dislike un dokhtarai keh hanooz tabestoon tamum nashodeh lebas zemestuni mi pushan.
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    what are you listening to

    Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhOGV3Qo9sU
  11. Having Sex With Married Women . Shayad yeki az behtarin lahazat-e sexual life man,ba khanumayeh shuar dar budeh ... Moteasefaneh 90% khanumaei keh shuar daran va ba mardayeh digeh mikhaban, az nazar-e sexual,satified nemishan ! (inaei keh man didam,injuri budan.) Beh khosus khanumayeh iruni keh vaghean shaki hastan az shuarashun,hamin chand mah-e pish tajrobei digeh dashtam va vaghean delam sukht vaseh un khanum ! Zan ehtiaj beh mohabbat dareh,beh eshgh, beh sex va touch,feeling va romance.... ageh inaro mard behesh nadeh, mireh ba yeki digeh !!!! pas taghsir hamchin ba khanuma nist keh miran boyfriend migirand !!! Khanumi irani tarif mikard keh ba shuaresh ghabl az inkeh ezdevaj koneh,har shab sex dashtan.vali chand sal keh ezdevaj kardan,engar nah engar !!!! haftei ye bar ham taraf zuresh miad !!! Man nemigam keh sex ba zan-e shuar dare khubeh,vali bad ham nist ! az lahaz-e sex in zan ha mesl-e gorg mimunan la massaba ... bichareh my body ) ... Kholaseh harfatun ro bezanid. nazar bedin,va etc . ..
  12. http://sportainmen.blogspot.com/2010/06/benefits-of-sex-in-morning.html
  13. Australia is about to get a new entry into national politics -- a party devoted to sex. The brains behind the Australian Sex Party, which will be launched in Melbourne on Thursday, believe that politics has become too stuffy and conservative Down Under. Describing itself as "serious about sex" the party sees itself as a political response to the sexual needs of Australians in the face of moral campaigners and prudish politicians. Party convenor Fiona Patten, who is head of the national adult retail and entertainment lobby group the Eros Association, said the trigger had been the government's decision to place a mandatory filter on the Internet. Under the plan, designed to shield children from online porn and violence, Internet service providers will have to filter out pornography and other material deemed inappropriate in their feeds to houses and schools. Users wanting access to uncensored material would have to opt out of the service, the government said when it announced the plan in January. Patten was scathing of the move, which she said would damage the porn industry, arguing that material that was deemed acceptable 20 years ago would now be banned. "This filter actually blacklists any adult site so it means that material which is absolutely legal for an adult to buy in a newsagency in Australia, they will be prohibited from viewing it online," Patten told AFP on Monday. To counter what she termed the conservative, Christian politicians behind such legislation in Australia, Patten said the industry had determined: "If we can't beat them, join them." "We want to be in there putting the position which I think is probably (that held by) the majority of Australians, that, yes, by all means protect children, but do not in that way reduce the Internet to a G-rated Internet," she said. G-rated films in Australia are approved for all audiences. Commenting on a recent case where a company was forced to remove billboard ads for a medication promising "longer lasting sex" because of a large number of complaints, she said an "absolute fear of the word sex" had developed. "And it's just crazy," Patten said. "Sex is as natural to us as food. It's a necessary part of our lives." And politics, she might add.
  14. چهارمین روز اعتراضات و تظاهرات گسترده در تهران خامنه ای مسئول ضرب و شتم و سرکوب مردم است. اختیارات کامل نیروی انتظامی مال اوست.
  15. Iranian passports are issued to nationals of Iran for the purpose of international travel. The passport serves as a proof of Iranian citizenship. The Iranian passports are burgundy, with Iranian Coat of Arms emblazoned on the top of the front cover. The words meaning (English:Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran) and meaning (English:Passport) are inscribed below the coat of arms. Visa-free travel According to a study done by Henley & Partners, Iran has a Henley Visa Restrictions Index of 14, which means that Iranian citizens enjoy visa-free access to 14 countries and territories for short-term tourism visits. Iran is ranked 82nd out of 83 in terms of international travel freedom, which is one of the lowest scores in the study. Africa Djibouti 1 month (visa issued upon arrival) Madagascar 90 days (visa issued upon arrival) Seychelles 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Togo 7 days (visa issued upon arrival) Uganda 6 months (visa issued upon arrival) Americas Dominica 21 days Haiti 3 months Saint Kitts and Nevis 14 days Asia Azerbaijan 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Armenia 21 days (visa issued upon arrival) Bangladesh 90 days (visa issued upon arrival) Indonesia 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Laos 15 days (visa issued upon arrival) Macau 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Maldives 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Malaysia 15 days Nepal 60 days (visa issued upon arrival) Timor-Leste 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Sri Lanka 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Turkey 3 months Oceania Cook Islands 31 days Federated States of Micronesia 30 days Niue 30 days Palau 30 days (visa issued upon arrival) Visa exemption for the holders of Iranian passport and holding the US or Canada Permanent Residency Aruba 14 days Bahamas 30 days Bermuda 6 months Canada 6 months (for US residents) Dominican Republic 3 months Jamaica 6 months Liechtenstein 3 months (same immigration rules as Switzerland) Mexico 180 days Netherlands Antilles 14 days Nicaragua 3 months Switzerland 3 months
  16. Siamak

    World Cup 2010

    Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France Group B: Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia Group D: Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia Group E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark Group F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia Group G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Cost, Portugal Group H: Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland GROUP A FIXTURES Friday, 11 June 2010 South Africa v Mexico, Gp A, 15:00 Uruguay v France, Gp A, 19:30 Wednesday, 16 June 2010 South Africa v Uruguay, Gp A, 19:30 Thursday, 17 June 2010 France v Mexico, Gp A, 12:30 Tuesday, 22 June 2010 France v South Africa, Gp A, 15:00 Mexico v Uruguay, Gp A, 15:00 GROUP B FIXTURES Saturday, 12 June 2010 Argentina v Nigeria, Gp B, 12:30 South Korea v Greece, Gp B, 15:00 Thursday, 17 June 2010 Argentina v South Korea, Gp B, 19:30 Greece v Nigeria, Gp B, 15:00 Tuesday, 22 June 2010 Greece v Argentina, Gp B, 19:30 Nigeria v South Korea, Gp B, 19:30 GROUP C FIXTURES Saturday, 12 June 2010 England v USA, Gp C, 19:3 Sunday, 13 June 2010 Algeria v Slovenia, Gp C, 12:30 Friday, 18 June 2010 England v Algeria, Gp C, 19:30 Slovenia v USA, Gp C, 15:00 Wednesday, 23 June 2010 Slovenia v England, Gp C, 15:00 USA v Algeria, Gp C, 15:00 GROUP D FIXTURES Sunday, 13 June 2010 Germany v Australia, Gp D, 15:00 Serbia v Ghana, Gp D, 19:30 Friday, 18 June 2010 Germany v Serbia, Gp D, 12:30 Saturday, 19 June 2010 Ghana v Australia, Gp D, 12:30 Wednesday, 23 June 2010 Australia v Serbia, Gp D, 19:30 Ghana v Germany, Gp D, 19:30 GROUP E FIXTURES Monday, 14 June 2010 Japan v Cameroon, Gp E, 15:00 Netherlands v Denmark, Gp E, 12:30 Saturday, 19 June 2010 Cameroon v Denmark, Gp E, 19:30 Netherlands v Japan, Gp E, 15:00 Thursday, 24 June 2010 Cameroon v Netherlands, Gp E, 19:30 Denmark v Japan, Gp E, 19:30 GROUP F FIXTURES Monday, 14 June 2010 Italy v Paraguay, Gp F, 19:30 Tuesday, 15 June 2010 New Zealand v Slovakia, Gp F, 12:30 Sunday, 20 June 2010 Italy v New Zealand, Gp F, 15:00 Paraguay v Slovakia, Gp F, 12:30 Thursday, 24 June 2010 Paraguay v New Zealand, Gp F, 15:00 Slovakia v Italy, Gp F, 15:00 GROUP G FIXTURES Tuesday, 15 June 2010 Brazil v North Korea, Gp G, 19:30 Ivory Coast v Portugal, Gp G, 15:00 Sunday, 20 June 2010 Brazil v Ivory Coast, Gp G, 19:30 Monday, 21 June 2010 Portugal v North Korea, Gp G, 12:30 Friday, 25 June 2010 North Korea v Ivory Coast, Gp G, 15:00 Portugal v Brazil, Gp G, 15:00 GROUP H FIXTURES Wednesday, 16 June 2010 Honduras v Chile, Gp H, 12:30 Spain v Switzerland, Gp H, 15:00 Monday, 21 June 2010 Chile v Switzerland, Gp H, 15:00 Spain v Honduras, Gp H, 19:30 Friday, 25 June 2010 Chile v Spain, Gp H, 19:30 Switzerland v Honduras, Gp H, 19:30
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