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    Life is not just worth living, you need to make sure you are enjoying it fully before you lose it!<br />I'm interested in anything that catches my interest!
  1. BroKen_SmiLe

    Funniest jokes you've heard?

    سازمان ملل جسد صدام را برای عذاب بيشتر در بين شهدای قزوين دفن کرد :thsmileysex:
  2. BroKen_SmiLe

    Funniest jokes you've heard?

    az torke lab migiran jav migiratesh hamele mishe :eek_wft:
  3. BroKen_SmiLe

    Chech this out man!

    farmayesh sahih mibashad rebel jan, kake mannam nagazid but the music was ok
  4. BroKen_SmiLe

    Rate the avatar above you!

    I like lolita's ava 10/10 nice pic I like jadoogar's ava make me wanna smile 10/10 POURYA's ava make everyone around me go like this :eek_wft: when I'm checkin the forum in my lab 100/10
  5. BroKen_SmiLe

    Persians arent the only Iranians!

    no man u don't get it afgans are good coz they got cheep drugs in iran in shahs time u had to work a hole week to get hi a sad sad time for all iranians all the oil in iran is with the arabs and not all of them want to go away from iran some are farsi specking arabs the turk are the best fighters in the world 85% of our army is turks and the kurds are born fighters and all of them fight with us in the iran iraq war i don't no what the pakisanis have don but if we kick out all of them iran would be very under populatid at only 45 million people we would be as under populatid as the USA and shiraz all u has to do is put some blond hair and blue eyed peeps and they will be more persian oh and the guys up north are normaly better iranians than persians lololololololol I like turks alot cuz the best friends of mine back in iran are all turks and they are very good looking too and fun to hang out with (however I don’t like some of them). what you said about shiraz, I don think that by itself gonna work. they have been get married to arabs for ages unless we make plastic surgery as something mandatory for their citizenship and paint them all in white oh we have to put them in etiquette classes cuz they don know how to behave as you know they still trade sheep in the middle of teh I don know what the hell they thinking. and yes we can get red of kurds by putting them at the front raws. but afgan and pakies gotta go specially FN pakies!!!they are the sources of virus and they are very ugly! FN arabs, as long as oil is in our nation we can kick them out cuz all they do is control the oil. We don need them to sell our oil. Before mullas gov our nation, iran was famous as OGHABE KHAVARE MIANE! You know why? Because we were the head of opec and were putting the price for oil, now its FN arabs that are making the prices and that’s why oil is so cheap and our country is strogglying. No mulla what so ever, I would do the same thing as ATATURK did, through their Azz in the see to feed the fishes about the drugs, well during the ahmad shah we were farming khashkhash in saveh, we can start doing that again, or I can let people to make home made bundles for their own use, I have the technology of that and its pretty simple I forget about women, I would get red of them, too and import some Swedish, Finnish, Austrian women. Time to make some changes, and let my brothers taste the fun!!! oh man if I became the president the population of iran well be reduce to 20million a good 20 million.(this my idea of presidency, respect!!!)
  6. BroKen_SmiLe

    What did you have for super?

    I went to this place that serves mediterranean food and is famous for its armenian food, i had a good food a side there was something that really caught my eyes. I thought I'm the only one that knows 6 different languages, but there was this chick that just started to work there. she knows 9 :eek_wft: by theway she is very nice and made this delicious kafta wrap as snackwrap to go and I didnt even expect it :air_kiss_wft:
  7. BroKen_SmiLe

    False identities?

    I would give the credit to his manager for that not to him
  8. BroKen_SmiLe

    Come & Moan Here...

    my sweat smells like beer :eek_wft:
  9. BroKen_SmiLe

    Islamic hoe

    for get about west, whats the point of hejab?? when I say this i don mean everyone should where bikini and walk around I mean chador chakhme kardan?? its stupid and scary I was looking for a place that serves persian martiny and all other persian goodies like food then this sh1t poped out :t
  10. BroKen_SmiLe

    Persians arent the only Iranians!

    if I was president, I would kick all none persians out of country, specially those FN arabs! hame atisha az zire koone oona boland mieshe. I would sweep half of the shiraz just cuz I dont like them and they look like arabs. I would get red of all kurdish, afgan, pakies and indians cuz they are nothing but bunch of gypsies and they waste the nations wealth. however I would keep the turks cuz they mostly rich, 99% of teh is turk(not any more though, now all the SHARESTANIA AZ DEHAT PASHODAN OOMADAN) they have something that others dont" MARAM+GHEIRAT" :t plus they are funny
  11. BroKen_SmiLe

    Escaping from Reality

    if you saw reality tell him I said hi :t (drunk+high)
  12. BroKen_SmiLe

    what did u do 2day??

    I bought tons of alcohol and smoke stuff, and now I'm pregaming....
  13. BroKen_SmiLe

    Persians arent the only Iranians!

    we have FN paki as iranian too????? but anyway our country fell apart when khosro parviz rid be mamlekato jango bakh be araba ay too roohe palide in araba ke harchi mamlekat mikeshe az daste inas
  14. BroKen_SmiLe

    False identities?

    oh F people with foreign names, lets have an other shot of vodka :drinks: be salamtie jam, oonjaye khare gham
  15. BroKen_SmiLe

    What is "Sexy"

    a good looking girl wearing a top tank with no bra walking under the rain