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  1. i just had a little magnet that i have on my refrigerator at home. forgot where i got it, but i thought maybe i would share it because i'm sure (atleast if you live in america), that you've probably run into one of these misconceptions... I’m a Persian, My Land is Iran I don’t live in a tent in a desert, I speak Farsi, not Arabic, Iran is pronounced “eeraun” and not “I – ran” (it’s not track and field), News flash: Iran and Iraq are two different countries, Middle East is a region and not a continent, And camels are not our way of transportation, Belly dancing is an Arabic dance; it never came from Iran, Each time you play a game of chess to improve your intellect, keep in mind that it was Persians who gave you this game, Iranian women are just as outspoken (if not more) and liberal as the European women, And what the hell is “soccer”? We call it Football, Iran is the first country on earth to have a lion (male) and a sun (female) for it’s symbol; and the colors, red, white, and green for a flag, A beautiful country ran by the wrong people, But still the best part of the Middle East, Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a Persian. My land is Iran!
  2. thanks...wow, their training is even more advanced than some of the training they do here in the states...regular police here, i doubt do that sort of thing...i'm impressed
  3. btw, here is another link to an advertisement for recruiting suicide bombers: http://www.iranfocus.com/modules/news/arti...hp?storyid=2948 here's a hilarious video though: http://www.filecabi.net/host/file/genius/wmv it makes fun of bush...i think everyone could use a laugh and sure i'd like to see that vid, nikikhanoom...post it
  4. here is a link to the article, in farsi: http://www.partosokhan.ir/283/page08.pdf and here is another link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1454194/posts
  5. before, during (hopefully...though unfortunately scarce), and after i can't see how you would not have it before... ...what if you get married and the girl is terrible in bed? that would really suck...you have to take it for a test drive before you buy it
  6. h_2_o

    Entertainment rumors

    yes, it's him. sheesh, you guys got it pretty quick. ok, i'm being a complete Azz, i'll stop. it was fun while it lasted...
  7. yes there is such a thing as i have too much cloths, me, my self i have too much cloths........ :p 104882[/snapback] i guess you and i are part of the few carefree, laidback members of the forum :afrique7bo:
  8. i think islam is evil in its original context, unfortunately. other religions can breed acts of evil, when taken to extremes, such as the kkk for example...but how many times have you heard of a member of the kkk strapping a bomb to themselves and killing 100 people? ah...atleast that's my opinion, but i do live in a state with a very conservative background, ie...rush limbaugh is very popular here, and i do agree with some of his points.
  9. h_2_o

    what those slangs mean?????

    i was younger, and didn't help out much...i tried to help out when we had guests, and... mother says to me: "daset dard nakoneh" translation: you good-for-nothing bratty child, is that the least you could do? when at a restaurant... party1: tarof nadareem, mah pooleh ghazarah meedeem... translation: please, please keep offering...we really don't want to pay, we're just pretending we want to, and if it comes down that we must, atleast you will have to keep thinking of ways to pay us back when on the phone... person who received the call: khalee khoshalshodam telephone kardeen shomah... translation: i've been waiting to hang-up on you since the second you called...i never wanted to talk to you anyway haha...this is what i thought the translation section may have been, though i do have some more fun slang: 1) belakhareh zauyeedee? literal: did you finally give birth? translation: you took so damn long... 2) pedar sag! litral: dad dog! translation: (n/a) basically a bad word to call someone 3) too leh sag! litral: length of a dog! translation: you curious little bastard... 4) kerm daree? literal: do you have worms? translation: are you crazy / are you such a curious fool?
  10. h_2_o

    Go Random

    let's go kill some white people
  11. h_2_o

    I Feel Like...

    i feel like i have a wedgy...oh wait........aaaahhh.....much better, so could you repeat the question?
  12. h_2_o

    Does Size Matter?

    so...does it matter? ) eh...might as well carry on until it gets deleted...
  13. h_2_o


    ah...ok, cool. thanks. i'm from north carolina... i've been to chicago...have you been to the iranian restaurant "ahmad's cuisine"? i went there a few years ago...good food. eh...i love cali though...used to live in irvine area...so many iranians there as for my contributions to the forum...i'm afraid my rampage has already begun )
  14. i got 99 problems but a b!tch ain't one eh...so true i have a feeling though...with the quality of my recent posts here...that i might get banned or kicked off the forum, so that could be one of my problems
  15. h_2_o

    Entertainment rumors

    gossip? well, have i got some news for you all. pssst...don't tell anyone, keep this on the down low, (if you know what i mean *wink*) but i heard that there's someone on this forum that had a sex change operation done recently. i know you probably won't believe me, but i know, because they were the one who referred me to this forum. i won't give away their name perse, but i will give you a hint...their user id starts with the letter "p" try to guess...after about 10 guesses, i will reveal who it is