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  1. OO ye by Zed Bazi. I gots that on my computer, it was up for downloadin ages ago. I duno how 2 post it tho...
  2. sepideh_love

    Your Daily Achievements

    I made 2 best friends make-up today after them not talking for weeks :clap2:
  3. sepideh_love

    WhAt Is YoUr BiGGEST TuRn~oFf??

    -Boys that r clingy -Boys that act sissy like and are pro-female. It doesnt impress! But it is nice eniway.. -Albanian boys -Boys that u can tell r just after 1 thing :@
  4. sepideh_love

    Welcome To My World

  5. sepideh_love

    Best looking race

    The arab north africans[tunisians, morokanz], most beautiful boys in the world,,,,,
  6. sepideh_love

    Words Association Game

  7. sepideh_love

    I Miss...

    I miss all my 20 cousins, won't see them for another 1 year.....pshh..
  8. sepideh_love

    I love...

    too much love is like poison...... have more lust :p 107875[/snapback] loooooool i have that too ;) 107887[/snapback] at 16,,,it should be all about lust,,,, 107945[/snapback] ha7biby, we practically live together, i'm always sleeping at his house. love him to pieces. its not just lust, what kinda background are u from?!!
  9. sepideh_love

    Adults only

    I have so many arab friends that all their ya3ni and ha7bibty rubs off on me. my mother is half iraqi too and i went to arabic school since i was 9 or sth. i stopped now lol. plus i kinda picked up arabic from the arab men. theyre so much stronger in bed than iranian men. arabs are the best race for Funking u know, seriously even my fathers cuz prefers arab men. i lost my virginity wen i was 14, bin fuckin since then, am now 16. had 2 years of experience which isnt much but to think i will have about 9 more years of it is gdddd. btw i just noticed, im rele vulgar for an iranian girl....hmm...
  10. sepideh_love

    FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005

    I think it's the TIT part of it! :DD :DD :DD 107912[/snapback] yeh but that doesnt make her special. what women doesnt have tits?!? lol
  11. sepideh_love

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    I can complete that mood of yours with this mood of mine: :thsmileysex: :thsmileysex: :thsmileysex: :thsmileysex: 107907[/snapback] lmao
  12. sepideh_love

    FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005

    what do ppl see in abi titmus, shes a typical english dog...pshhhh
  13. sepideh_love

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    im in a / :whistling: kind of mood, if that makes sense..
  14. sepideh_love

    Adults only

    no ha7bibi never had a threesome, am still young remember. though when i have been offered them, i've had to refuse cuz i had a bf. lol ye i can imagine a threesome being fuckin good, for the male not the female. how much further have u gone...? and whos a male?? or a she i dnt get it
  15. sepideh_love

    Are iranians pretenious?

    iranians are the fakest u can get. even faker than th arabs. give me jokes, with their taroff Shoot ahahahaha but u gotta love it.