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  1. alikarime

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    U people dont have any other work just sitting on ur computer and back bitting it is really not good look every musician does the same thing which SHAHRAM SOLATI,MEHRSHAD,MANSOUR&AFSHIN and others r doing they see others and try to make new things if u people think that u can do the same thing they r doing do it and show it to the world dont sit on ur com and say that they rip off songs of others and if u dont like they r doing this no need to listen to there songs.
  2. alikarime

    Perspolis/Esteghlal thread

    ALI KARIMI he doesnt know how to use his technics he should have gone to europe wen he was 21 or 22 not in 26 he played for AL AHLI in DUBAi.U know it is very difficult to shake hand wit a player in europe but in DUBAI it is very easy to play football wit a national team player no1 care about player here in DUBAI wen we see them we dont look at players u think wut happens for a player like ALI KARIMI playing wit this players and now he is playing wit a player like M.ballack
  3. alikarime

    Fresh rumors about B. Spears

    May be ur sister have seen this in dream.it is impossible
  4. alikarime

    Perspolis/Esteghlal thread

  5. alikarime

    MY PROBLEM!!!!!

    Just give me ur phone number and see how much problem i will make for u.
  6. alikarime

    About Israel

    Hey good news after many days today i knew that SADDAM HUSSAIN got death sentence. SADDAM
  7. alikarime

    Kamran vs. Hooman

    UR right they both r very funny i have seen them many times on tv i have not seen them in concerts still but i will in future i like the album 20 it is very nice kamrans voice is lettle bit better then homan he looks better then him and he has good personality.
  8. alikarime

    Afshin vs. Arash

    Arash he doesnt do anything new but his songs r very nice only wen i am drunk and Afshin his MR.fantastic but i dont like his songs.my vote goes to arash
  9. alikarime

    what are you listening to

    Today i listened to SHAHAB TIAMS songs he has a good voice
  10. alikarime

    Benyamin vs Sirvan Khosravi

    Benyamin's Lyrics are by "Seyd Farid Ahmadi"! all of them!! Thanks but ur talking about the song which he has sang DUNYA MASSA TO NADARAT
  11. alikarime

    Bollywood: Indian Movies

    Ur right indian movies u should sit for 3 and a half hour and watch but last month Shah Rukh Khan super star of Bollywood said that indian movies should be 2 hours only i dont no they will do the same or not
  12. alikarime

    Benyamin vs Sirvan Khosravi

    Words of the songs of Benyamin i think it is written by Poria niakan can any1 tell me were is Poria niakan now or can any1 send me his picture or can any1 tell me how old is he coz i guy he is 20 years old in DUBAI he is telling me he is Poria niakan i dont believe it
  13. alikarime

    Kamran vs. Hooman

    They both should try to look like a man.But I like KAMRAN coz he looks little like a man
  14. alikarime

    Mehrshad vs. Shahab Tiam

    HI every1 I hope POURYA u will remember me almost it is 1year I was not here. U know how much i like MEHRSHAD.He is creative & talented.He is the best in my eyes. MEHRSHAD
  15. alikarime

    who after shahrukh khan

    Dont fell bad ru crazy SAIF ALI KHAN,JOHN ABRAHAM and ABISHEK BACHAN they r nothing compared to SHAH RUKH but now AKSHA KUMAR after his silver jublee film WAQT and GARAM MASALA he is after SHAH RUKH.PARINEETA is not like the movie DEVDAS. And 1 more thing SHAH RUKH KHAN is having back pain thats y he cant make movies like b4