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  1. Testing the new board!

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    Welcome Muhammad!
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    oh cool... thanks
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    Shahin Najafi - "Maman"

    I believe Shahin's mom passed away recently and this is his dedication to his mom. I like his music a lot. He mostly sings about topics that most singers don't dare talking about. Here is my all time fav track from him. try listening to this after couple of drinks. http://www.bia2.com/music/1957
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    http://www.bia2.com/music/25914 love the song from 0:51 forward
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    This song by fereidoon is one of my all time fav songs... What happened to him? haven't heard from him in couple of years
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    Clasic & Traditional Iranian Music

    I like Rastak... they're good! btw, nice signature Takshakh!
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    Clasic & Traditional Iranian Music

    uuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!! Man aasheghe inam!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34tP9__YncQ Beautiful... definitely a classic!
  9. I enjoy listening to her music. She has this calmness in her voice, which I love.
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    Clasic & Traditional Iranian Music

    Mard e tanha, can we hear some of your favorite classical/traditional music?
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    dorood bar bia2

    Welcome Mardeh Tanha, Takshakh & Ghoorghaabeh! Keano, nice link there bro! lol
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    Welcome Sam! great to have you here!
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    I dislike...

    That's one hell of a long jet lag... mines usually go away after a day or two
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    Unrated Videos 18+

    Great topic, here is another one
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    ***L O S T***

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    ***L O S T***

    Pourya, you forgot to mention how she was so interested in learning Farsi... I personally don't mind switching jobs and becoming a teacher!
  17. wow! He's very talented
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    I dislike...

    That's one of the reasons I don't think I can ever live there, even though I love the weather/mini mamas there much better!
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    I dislike...

    I dislike fake people!
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    Mehrbod's Victory

    He is going to be on "extra" tonight for a follow up with Chris Powell in case you guys want to watch it. He is such an inspiration!
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    Go Random

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    King!!!! happy birthday!!! may all your wishes and dreams come true! :DD :DD :DD
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    BIA2 IPhone Application

    Pedram jan, The app initially worked on 3g, when we rolled out our next version, apple claimed that the app has been using too much traffic and the videos should Only work on wifi. This is due to the problems ATT has had with their coverage. So based on their request, we were forced to disable the 3g and only allow wifi connections. This is still a gray area as there are some apps that are allowed to offer such services on 3g and some other apps are rejected. we are going to try to enable 3g again and hope they would approve the new application, but it all depends on their policies and the person that checks the app before approving it.
  24. What did you guys think of shadmehr's new video Mashkook! I loved the ending,,, while i was watching it i said to my self,,, there is no way he would shoot her and he is gonna walk away! but i was shocked with the result. yes,,, thats what you get for being a bad girl.... :punishing_wft::punishing_wft: in case you haven't seen the video yet,, here is a direct link to it. http://bia2.com/video/player.php?id=252
  25. soltan

    The Bia2 Music Store

    :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: we worked hard for this new section of the site... for testing purposes we started out with only one album but soon you'll see some more albums listed there. Adil,,, why are you having problem ordering? did it give you any errors? did you try the credit card option or the paypal express checkout? let me know so if its an issue we can get it fixed. :clap2: :clap2: