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  4. SynanReen

    Hi to all new members!

    Bishtar az 10 sal shod, emruz chera in site be yadam oftad nemidunam. Ghabl az facebook ba mardom dar in siteha ashina mishodim, sohbat va dava mikardim, zaban yad migereftim. Hatta mano inja ban karde budand😂. Bad az facebook in siteha heme mordand. Alan heme nostalgic shod 🙄
  5. Keano

    Big Announcement by the King

    Hahaha how can I forget you mama? NiKKi (See I still remember how much you loved your name with 2 Ks ) Good to see you around. Hope you're doing fine!
  6. nikikhanoom

    Big Announcement by the King

    Wow... memories just sparked my interest to pop in after 10 years...and obviously Keano forgets to mention me 😂. I hope everyone is doing well ❤️
  7. Keano

    Big Announcement by the King

    I know non of our beloved old members are around any longer, but still felt like dropping by and say I miss y'all! BTW may y'all KMBB!
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